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The SAVE Network

The SAVE Network

In a time of need – It’s passion for doing what’s right that defines us.

The Serendipity Access & Value Enablement Network is the answer to the COVID19 supply disruption. This initiative is an effort to ensure Fair Trade and continued supplies where they are needed most by bringing Buyers and Sellers together..

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Serendipity Concepts – Enabling Business Serendipity

In any situation where there is crisis – there are shortages.  At any time where there are shortages – hoarding and profiteering run amok.

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Serendipity Concepts – Enabling Business Serendipity

Bringing the Human Factor Back into Business

It has also developed a simple “People do Business with People Model” based on trained human infrastructure to gut through auto-responders, telephone answering automation that takes you nowhere, complex FAQ’s and unreachable service personnel.


Maximising Small Windows of Opportunity

Logistics, logistics, logistics.  With borders, manufacturing and transport in a state of flux, countries in shut-down and import/export limitations on essential commodities and products changing daily – the Supply/Demand paradigm gets that much more complex.  Once again – human expertise and experience triumphs over obstacles.  Our partners Express Global Logistic (Since 1946) are NOT the biggest logistics company, but among the most agile in the world with vision, 72 years of experience, information currency and operational response times that are the only real tools to counter a volatile market.  “While the world values size – we understand the call of the times is agility, responsiveness and market sensitivity and that is the key to our success in stabilizing the supply.” said Abhishek Bhargava one of the founding members of the network.

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Maximising Small Windows of Opportunity

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